Thursday, October 27, 2011

Off Topic: Blogger Hates Me

You may have noticed that my recent post on the TV show Firefly has been abruptly truncated. I went in to make a few small edits and suddenly half the post disappeared. I'm going to go have myself a small mental breakdown and then try to rewrite everything that has now been permanently deleted by the Blog Demons. Many apologies, and I'll try to make these repairs as quickly as possible.

EDIT: The post has been fixed as best as I can from what I remember the original saying. Sorry about the mess-up. I have learned my lesson from this, and henceforth will be making back-up copies of my posts in MS Word in case Blogger gets hungry again. If you are hungry for new content, do not despair! I promise you, I am hard at work on a few new posts which should be up shortly.

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